Open for Business!

Keep serving your patrons with Porter.

We make it easy to meet state guidelines,

and offer contactless dine-in & takeout options.

Here's how Porter works with onsite dining:


Your patrons order & pay safely from their tables with their own mobile devices — at their own pace.



You receive all orders on a handy bump screen...even print them straight to the kitchen.



Order up? Send it over with a smiling staffer or send an in-app text to let them know that it's ready for pick-up at the counter.


Personal space is in. Handling menus, money & receipts is out.

• Offer completely contact-free menus, ordering, and payment.

• Eliminate congested lines at counters.

• Minimize (or totally nix) face-to-face interactions.

Every cent matters.

• Increase average ticket size by 20% compared with walk-up orders.

• Generate 65% higher average tips compared with counter service.

• Encourage additional ordering through our convenient “Keep it Open” tab option.

• ZERO month-to-month fees.

• Competitive processing fees - a flat 2.9% + $0.25 on all orders.

Neighbors? Yay-bors!

• Create a virtual marketplace: Combine menus & marketing efforts.

• Allow patrons to order & pay in a single transaction — even when ordering from multiple vendors.

Let's Dine-In Differently.