Ready to Reopen?

We all look forward to welcoming patrons back to our tables.

But it won't be the same.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here's how Porter works with onsite dining:


Your patrons order & pay safely from their tables with their own mobile devices — at their own pace.



You receive all orders on a handy bump screen...even print them straight to the kitchen.



Order up? Send it over with a smiling staffer or send an in-app text to let them know that it's ready for pick-up at the counter.


Reopen Safer. Personal space is in. Handling menus, money & receipts is out.

• Offer completely contact-free menus, ordering, and payment.

• Eliminate congested lines at counters.

• Minimize face-to-face interactions.

Reopen Simpler. It's all about efficiency.

• Reopen with a limited staff focused on fulfilling orders — not taking them.

• Pay low processing fees — a flat 2.9% + $0.25 on all orders.

Reopen Smarter. Every cent matters.

• Increase average ticket size by 20% compared with walk-up orders.

• Generate 65% higher average tips compared with counter service.

• Encourage additional ordering through our convenient “Keep it Open” tab option.

Reopen Together. Team up with other local businesses.

• Create a virtual marketplace: Combine menus & marketing efforts.

• Allow patrons to order & pay in a single transaction — even when ordering from multiple vendors.

• Reduce setup & monthly subscription fees to as low as $25 / month / marketplace member.

Let's Dine-In Differently.