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Porter takes the backache out of back-of-house work. It seamlessly integrates with your current workflow, allowing your staff to receive and fulfill table and mobile orders. It also makes it super easy to update menu items by plugging in new names, descriptions, prices, and other attributes. Porter uses this info to automatically update all of your digital menus for you. And while it's at it, Porter tracks key metrics like sales. Ready to change your day-to-day?

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Reopen with Porter

As if it wasn’t hard enough to own a restaurant / bar / coffee shop / boutique hotel, now you’re suddenly having to serve customers at an appropriate distance. But how? These are difficult times — particularly for those in foodservice — but now may also be a great time to enable contact-free ordering and payment. Porter is a quick, affordable solution to new social distancing rules for restaurants, bars, and everyone serving patrons. Enable mobile ordering for dine-in, takeout and delivery today.


What exactly is Porter?

Porter gives your patrons the ability to order and pay from their own table with their own device at their own pace. Porter also makes managing all of your digital menus a snap. Quite simply, Porter improves the entire experience of dining out for everyone involved. It helps managers crush it in coffee shops, food halls, taprooms, pizzerias, and pretty much any counter-service establishment. And it streamlines the dining (or drinking) experience for folks who hang out at all of those places.

So how does Porter work?

It couldn’t be easier. Provide a few bits of information to set up your account, enter your menu offerings in the Porter dashboard and you’re set to take orders and payment directly from your patrons who never have to stand in line again!

"Porter has been a total game changer for us. We used to spend hours each week taking inventory, updating menus, calculating prices, and stuff like that — in the morning, no less. Now, we get to spend more time at home with our families and then come in and enjoy conversations with our customers. We even have time to think about ways to make their experience at Beergarden even better."
Holly, Beergarden Manager

Have questions? Maybe it's one of these...

Is Porter a real person? Is Porter a real person?

If only! No, Porter is a friendly persona we invented to make your life easier.

Will Porter integrate with my current POS system? Will Porter integrate with my current POS system?

At the moment, Porter integrates seamlessly with Square’s Point of Sale so you can receive Porter orders right on your existing Square terminal and automatically sync your catalog between Porter and Square. If you happen to use another POS, no worries. We’ve built Porter to operate 100% independently and we’re working around the clock to offer full integration with other leading POS systems.

How long will it take to get Porter set up at my establishment? How long will it take to get Porter set up at my establishment?

It kind of depends on your menu, but you can be set up in as little as 30 minutes.

I update my menu every day. Is this a problem with Porter? I update my menu every day. Is this a problem with Porter?

Absolutely not. In fact, easily managing and updating all of your menus is Porter’s baguette and ghee. A few quick clicks in Porter and all of your digital menus are automatically updated.

Can I really link my menu with that food truck parked outside? Can I really link my menu with that food truck parked outside?

Yep. Porter allows you and that food truck to present an integrated menu to your joint patrons giving them the convenience of ordering a beer from you and a taco from them in one order. Don’t worry, Porter keeps all the orders and payments flowing to the right place.

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